Kimi no Tonari


Kimi no Tonari is a doujinshi originally created by Kero Mix based on Atlus’ PlayStation 2 RPG Persona 4. A relatively tame and platonic manga about the relationship between the game’s protagonist and this site’s eternal mascot, Chie Satonaka, this was Team Boke’s first project, completed in January 2010. As everyone’s first shot at scanlation, we suppose it wasn’t a trainwreck, if not a huge hit either. You can probably blame the initially small-scale distribution for that.


Since the entire thing is technically just one big chapter that never has explicit breaks, you basically get one nice archive if you want to read it from start to finish. It’s not too terribly long and will probably eat up about as much time as you would reading a chapter or two of, say, Death Note. Feel free to go grab it here.

Until we add direct access to downloads on this site, feel free to use the contact page to let us know if the link is down.


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