About The Team

The History of Nothing and Everything

Team Boke was formed in December 2009 by three members of the prominent video game wiki Giant Bomb: Pepsiman, Fallen189, and Bartman3010. Due to the site’s very deep love for all things Persona 4 thanks to a video series known as the “Endurance Run,” the team’s first project was the scanlation of a romance doujinshi called “Kimi no Tonari,” written by Kero Mix. The antics of the team during that period were more or less chronicled in this modest thread, which ultimately got a warm reception from the site’s community. Excluding time when the project was still a solo effort, the project itself took roughly a month.

After taking a break and attending to life once again, Team Boke decided to work on a second series, one that would get more attention than just a small gathering of forum-goers on a game site. After some minor deliberation, everyone involved decided upon the Shonen Jump comedy series Inumaru Dash, as it was a series that, unlike something such as Naruto or Bleach, wasn’t exactly at the forefront of the magazine. As of this writing, they’re still toiling away on bringing to you the antics of a half-naked Japanese kindergartner and his unwitting teacher. Their mission, though, remains unchanged: to bring to the Internet translations of mangas that might get passed up by the mainstream, for English manga deserves more exposure than just the stuff you see in the book stores.

People Aboard the Ship

Pepsiman: Resident translator of the group and the one who got everyone else together. Although not a native speaker by any stretch of the imagination, Pepsiman majors in the language at university and uses these scanlations as an opportunity for fluency honing. As someone who’s also a somewhat prolific author in English, hopefully it’s worked out all right.

Fallen189: One of Team Boke’s page cleaners and typesetters, having been on board since the beginning. When not working with the team on scanlation work, you can probably find him spreading the good word about a certain Ms. Chie Satonaka.

Bartman3010: Another cleaner and typesetter who’s been with Team Boke since the beginning. He might keep to the shadows most of the time, but his influence and impact on the team cannot be understated. You can find him as a regular on the Sonic Retro podcast. Also another advocate for Chie.

What’s Up With The Name?

Boke is a Japanese word describing a state of being zoned out or just generally not “with it” at the moment. It comes from a panel in team’s first project, Kimi no Tonari, where Chie seems to have a bit too much on her mind. We like to think our zaniness represents a similar state of insanity.


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