And so another group enters the fray with yet another WordPress account.

What can really be said as a first post that accomplishes much? “Hi, we’re Team Boke and we’re a scanlation team that works on whatever it damn well pleases?” Yeah, it’s kind of hard to avoid the cliches.

But we’re here and we’re pretty psyched to be, because it means we’re taking our work up another notch. Or, to put it another way, we’re launching our new scanlations by means other than the lovely Giant Bomb’s forums. Like One Manga. Hopefully. Kinda figured that was a bit of a must since we’re now dealing with non-doujin content.

Oh yeah, speaking of which, we’re going to be spending our time working on Inumaru Dash. It’s a Shounen Jump series that’s a comedy, meaning it’s not like Bleach or Naruto. We like it. It’s like Shin-Chan, but less vulgar than the English dub, but still filled with nice references and jokes galore. Hopefully you’ll check out the project page devoted to it in order to learn a bit more about it, as well as keep your eyes peeled on this page.

Other than that, I can’t really think of a whole lot to say other than thanks. It’s been reader support that’s helped us keep going up until now and it’s reader support, no matter how small or large, that will probably keep us propelled in the future. That’s not to say we’re nothing without you, because then that’d be a bit of an existential quandary, but you did help us out. And that’s pretty dandy.


~ by teamboke on March 18, 2010.

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